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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

live from san diego, it's wednesday afternoon

This is a snapshot of Bai Yun and her unnamed cub taken today from the San Diego Zoo's panda cam. I spent the entire fall of 2005 (and countless taxpayer dollars) trying to figure out how to take snapshots or screen shots from the National Zoo's panda cam so that I could post them here and I never did figure that out. The San Diego zoo's web site now has a feature where you can email snapshots to yourself or your fellow panda lovers straight from the panda cam. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

you say goodbye, we say hello

Mei Sheng, a four year old male panda at the San Diego Zoo, will be sent to China in November 2007, under the terms of loan agreement between the Zoo and Chinese Panda Authorities. Mei Sheng, who was born in 2003, is only the second panda to be born in captivity worldwide. His sister, Hua Mei, in 1999 was the first panda cub born in captivity.

Mei Sheng is of special interest to the panda breeding program in China because he is the first offspring of a male panda whose genes are not represented among the present population. Genetic diversity helps an animal population stay healthy and prevents inbreeding, a common problem among endangered species. Mei Sheng and his offspring will help ensure a diverse and healthy population of future pandas.

To see Mei Sheng before he goes, click on the San Diego Zoo panda cam.


This just in: What do Nicole Richie and Mei Sheng's mom, Bai Yun, have in common?

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