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Thursday, April 27, 2006

bamboo is the new plastic

Bamboo. It's not just for pandas anymore.

Barking mad monitors

You might have thought you were being green by simply switching your PC monitor off instead of leaving it on standby, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet – this monitor is actually made out of wood.

Well, bamboo, to be precise. The grass that constitutes every panda’s favourite meal is incredibly tough, so it makes a perfect replacement for the plastic usually used to make a monitor’s surround and base. And because pandas only feed on softer bamboo, harvesting the hard stuff isn’t even talking food out of their furry little mouths.

The bamboo is treated to prevent rot and pest infestation, so you needn’t worry about woodworm holes distracting your eye from those all-important Excel documents.

A 15-inch model costs £250, a 17-inch is £275 and a 19-inch is £330. They will be going on sale in the next few days at

See a picture of the bamboo monitor at the link above.


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