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Friday, July 28, 2006

pedal power part deux

Now THIS is reason to have children! (yah, git!) I wonder how many kids it would take to power the A/C in my house (which has been running full blast since May of this summer, this blistering, gross, humid, sticky, yet FLOODED, mosquito-plagued summer!)

Weekend Mongol Rally panda fix update:

Team Monkey Tank Crossed the Bosporus into Asia. With Arnold, a 5-foot monkey! A toy. I think,

Team Snailracer In Russia. Somewhere. (major cool points for driving this solo!)

You can track any team's progress on a map, powered by Google (of course) by clicking on the "Team Progress" link. I have linked above Team pandarama, as they are the (un)-official pandodyssey (tm) team mascot solely by similarity of name.

go little pandas, go!


At 12:05 AM, Hugh Bris said...

Your fascination with reality travel shows, or in this case sites, never cease to amaze me. Personally I watch Globe Trekker when ever I can.

I must admit though they are much more entertaining than the ROCKSTAR: SELL COMMERCIALS or SO YOU THINK YOU CAN TIE A KNOT.

Though as I am a big fan of all things that contain the word "Mongol", if Pandodyssey wants to start in next years rally I'm in. Iceland anyone?


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