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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

reuniting panda populations

Reuniting panda populations in China

Xi’an, China – WWF's China Programme and the Chinese Forestry Department of Shaanxi Province have launched a programme to build up an ecological corridor to reunite two isolated panda populations. A bamboo forest will be restored with the help of WWF volunteers to create a green corridor for giant panda sub-populations that were fragmented by a national highway.

The two Tianhuashan and Xinglongling panda sub-populations in the Qinling Mountains were separated 23 years ago by the construction of National Road 108. Then, in 1999, the completion of a tunnel led to the abandonment of a 13km section of the highway, and this has created the possibility of reconnecting the fragmented habitats of the giant pandas in Mount Tianhuashan, where there are approximately 20, and Mount Xinglongling, where there are about 110.

What a creative solution to accomodate both industrialization and panda habitat conservation. This is a prime example of local and national governments and domestic and international efforts cooperating on a united effort to restore the fragmented panda habitat. Kudos!

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