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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Grease - The Comedy

Thar's oil in that thar Gulf!

the Good: We as a nation will be less dependent on foreign oil when they get this black gold pumped -- in 2010.

the Bad: We as a nation will use this as an excuse to stave off exploring alternative fuel options and this will set us back 20 years.

the Verdict: this IS what the "way-to-proud-of-Texas" Adminsitration considers an "alternative" to oil so we can file this under "Progress". Yay!

In that case, I wonder how much oil might be in my front yard? The skyrocketing prices at the pump is giving some entrepreneurs environmentally (and just ... mentally perhaps) unsound idear. Take Mr. Charles Jordan of La. for example. He's digging up his front yard for oil.

"So just how close to home is it? "Actually it's in my front yard," said Jordan. "When I walk out of my front door I of course can see the rig."

Just 200 yards from his front door, the well stretches 85-hundred feet below his home and swimming pool as well as the nearby Calcasieu River. Jordan expects to drill up to 300,000 barrels of oil." ...

But it takes money to make money. Drilling alone will cost Jordan two million dollars. But with gas prices fluctuating at all time highs, Jordan says it is a risk that is worth while.

"Higher prices make something like this feasible, where as 5-to-6 years ago it wouldn't have been worth it because you would have lost money on a venture like this," recalls Jordan.

Hmmm, this guy might not be so cracked after all.

"Jordan says it is a venture other states should consider permitting U.S. oil drilling. "I think this country needs to become a lot more energy dependent and not be dependent on foreign oil. This is one small step for energy independence for this country," said Jordan.

Jordan expects to strike oil within the next two weeks."

If this guy strikes oil in two weeks, I will definitely be posting about it. (and goodbye scarlet begonias, hell-ooooo shovel!)

If you ever lost sleep wondering if drilling for oil could possibly cause earthquakes, you can now rest your weary wittle eyes and breathe a sigh of relief. Among the harms that drilling for oil does cause the environment, earthquakes and tsunamis aren't among them. Great, now to get back to my regularly scheduled digging up of yard.


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