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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Green Pepsi is More Refreshing


PepsiCo Inc. - owner of Gatorade, Aquafina, Tropicana, Frito Lay and Quaker Oats - announced yesterday that its largest US bottler will be purchasing green energy certificates under a voluntary EPA program.

Pepsi Bottling Group Inc., PepsiAmericas Inc. and Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC, together will purchase 629 million kilowatt hours of green energy. This announcement propelled the Pepsis into the number 1 spot under the EPA program, ousting Wells Fargo from the top slot.

Other notable mentions on the EPA's green energy partner list:
#3 - Whole Foods Market
#4 - Pepsi Bottling
#5 - the U.S. Air Force
#6 - Johnson & Johnson
#7 - Environmental Protection Agency
#8 - Kohl's
#9 - Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts
#10 - Starbucks

GooooOOOOO Pepsi! While not my own personal soda/tap water/or salty snack of choice, I highly commend PepsiCo for emerging as a green energy leader among major corporations and as a proponent of renewable resources.

One more thing I like aboutPepsiCo is that their Chairman, President and CEO is a woman.

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