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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Panda in Critical Condition After Giving Birth to Twins

A giant panda in China fights for her life today, after giving birth to twins last night. Jinzhu, an 11 year old panda residing at the Wolong Nature Reserve in the Sichuan province, is in critical condition. No further word on her status. Get well soon Jinzhu!

Jinzhu has had a history of medical intervention in her short life. Originally sexed as a male panda, it wasn't until she was six years old that zookeepers discovered that Jinzhu was actually a female. After a failed mating attempt with a female panda (insert lesbian joke here), Jinzhu was further examined and it was only then that it was discovered that she was actually a girl but her ovaries were in the wrong place. She underwent surgery and the anomaly was fixed.

When asked how this misidentification of sex could have occurred, a zoo caretaker responded "Well for starters, a male panda penis is only 3 centimeters long ... "

This explains a whooooole lot about why pandas don't reproduce well.

Update: Our little transsexual panda got better and is doing well!

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