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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Leading the Way from the Middle

Seemingly from the middle of nowhere comes promising signs of environmental progress from the local and state levels.

First: In Montana there's growing resentment against the use of coal fired power plants in the Great Plains region. The no-coal peoples consist of the usual enviro-nuts, greenie-wanna-bes and Democrats, but also consists of many Republican farmers who fear the impact of gobal warming on the water supply.

Second: In Kansas, a state regulator has flat out denied a permit to approve the construction of a brand new coal-fired power plant due to the greenhouse gases the plant would emit. This is the first time in the US that any such state permit has been denied solely for environmental reasons. A Senior VP for the energy company trying to build the coal powered plant stated:

"People use fossil fuels because the good Lord put them on earth for us to use." I'm not even going to name him or his energy company because I don't want to give him the satisfaction. Hmph. It's in the face of this kind of logic that some Kansasians (?) are trying to keep the coal burning power plant out and invite more environment-friendly energy sources in. Good luck Kansasites (??) and thanks for leading the way from the middle.

Pictured above: Not the future of energy.

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