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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gratuitous Pandas

You know, some people might find useful ways to pass their time. Me? I pride myself on finding highly entertaining yet ultimately useless pics and vids of baby pandas. Well worth the effort, imho.

Here's another [insert city name]-ist blog that is crazy about pandas. (If you will recall, the DCist blog went through a Pandodyssey-like phase cooing over Tai Shan.) The Shanghaiist has linked THREE adorably panda clips. SSFW: if you're pretending to work, be wary of annoyingly brisk holiday music in the first clip.

Follow that page's link to this one at Life in the Fast Lane, where an essay on the life of a panda - rife with illustration - awaits.

Pictured above: pandas en masse are cuter.

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