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Friday, May 19, 2006

Darwin & the Old Testament

I received both of these via email overnight. Is it a cosmic struggle for my Inbox's soul?

what must morning chimp breath be like?

Study: Chimps and Early Humans Interbred

May 17, 2006 — Our early ancestors interbred with chimpanzees after the two species diverged millions of years ago, new research suggests.

The provocative idea is sketched by U.S. genome experts, who have discovered that hominids and chimps diverged far more recently -- and over a much longer timescale -- than previously thought.

During that period, the authors theorize, the two primate species were rather more than kissing cousins: They had sex, swapping genes before making a final split

The staff at WP's Style section had a field day with this story. (darn wish I'd though of it first!)

But Baby, I Went Out on a Limb for You

SIM CITY -- Scientists announced this week that humans and chimpanzees -- which shared a common ancestor before parting ways 6.3 million years ago -- were still interbreeding about 5 million years ago, creating hybrid offspring. This whole idea of chimp-human hookups got us thinking about what interspecies couples fight over.

"Everything's just 'hoo hoo ha ha' to him."

· "She always plays the Darwin card when we fight."

· "So I'm, like, 'C'mon, baby, light my fire' and she goes, 'Light your what?' "

· "Whenever I pack my suitcase, he just throws it against the wall."

· "She keeps begging me to get hair plugs. For my back."

· "She's such a nitpicker."

· "All you guys ever want to do is get drunk, sit around those typewriters and try to write 'Hamlet.' "

· "Thinks he's hot stuff because he invented 'the wheel,' whatever that is."

don't judge. don't be a species-ist.

"... in a world where trailer parodies are funnier than actual movies..."

10 things i hate about commandments
because even the old testament is better with samuel l jackson!

c/o julia who I think should be studying right now. (why aren't you studying right now??)


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