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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Global Panda Watch

Atlanta Pandas Well Watched

The Atlanta Journal Constitution on-line has a dedicated page to keep the world wide web apprised of their pandas' daily activities. The latest update from Sept 18 says:

Lun Lun — who until now would rarely put her cub down, much less let it out of her sight — briefly left the 12-day-old baby twice this morning. The cub sometimes softly vocalized when mommy was away, zoo officials said. At other times, it remained quiet. Lun Lun had a Sunday evening snack of a banana and two leafeater biscuits, but throughout Monday didn’t nibble on anything else. She did finally get a drink at 6 p.m.

The Zoo at Atlanta has their own version of daily panda updates on their website as well as the all knowing, all watching pandacam:

Last night, Lun Lun ate bamboo for the first time since giving birth on September 6. She left her cub for nine minutes to eat bamboo, some banana and two leafeater biscuits. She left the cub again a few hours later to eat more bamboo. We expect that she will continue to leave the cub more frequently and for longer periods of time. Dr. Rebecca Snyder, Curator of Giant Panda Research and Management.

Bookmarking It Now...

NBC nightly news with Brian Doofy Williams managed to suck my attention (not to mention pride, integrity, self-respect) through two insufferable commercial breaks with this adorable piece on what's going on halfway round the panda-populated world. It's a short video of outtakes shot at the Wolong Panda Research Center by NBC reporter turned pandologist, Mark Mullen.

WARNING: The link above contains over 30 links to other panda related stories and video clips.


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