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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

hear ye hear ye!

Pandodyssey will be taking a 30-day hiatus, starting November 1 while several things attempt to happen:

1. I pursue a large-scale writing project, fail miserably, and consequently spend the rest of the month poutily consoling myself by refusing to write anything at all;

2. the VA mid-term ("mid-tacular!") election occurs and then enrages, and then I will be busy packing to move to a smarter state and/or commonwealth;

3. Knit a scarf for the homeless. Stop laughing! Remarkably, this is the least likely of the three to get accomplished in the month of November. I hope it's a warm month.

See you December 1, hopefully. If you want, you can watch "Tai Shan; A Pandodyssey" on YouTube now!


At 11:04 AM, the gardner said...

What?!? No story about the dead panda? I'm gonna have to get my panda news blog fix somewhere else if this keeps up. Its like you don't even care about pandas anymore.;_ylt=AvglOrj903U3LknjJLtcK8YDW7oF


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