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Thursday, September 28, 2006

"... can find a better band..."

It IS easy being green these days.... bands that could kick pearl jams' collective wussy ass are jumping on the green bandwagon in droves. (to give credit where credit's due, PJ was among the first. Fair and balanced this blog is.) STS9 made their usual rounds on the summer festival circuit. They'll keep the east coast grooving on tour all autumn long, offsetting carbon emissions all along the way.

It just keeps getting better and better. Have a blast, see live music, and help the environment all at the same time.

[from JamBase Sept. 26.]

Sound Tribe Sector 9 understands that there is an emissions footprint associated with our tours, including our tour bus and air travel and the electricity used to power our concerts. Through a partnership with Sustainable Waves, In Ticketing and Green Mountain Energy Company, we are offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions created during our "Live As Time Changes" Fall 2006 Tour. Carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas (GHG), is one of the primary contributors to global warming.

Through a donation of Renewable Energy Credits from Green Mountain Energy Company, STS9 will offset about 138,000 pounds of CO2 while touring this fall. To put this in perspective, that is equivalent to not driving your car over 154,000 miles or recycling over 341,000 aluminum cans. It would take over 9,000 trees more than a year to sequester that much carbon and has the same environmental impact of taking about 12 cars off the road for one year.

STS9 will be rolling from city to city in a carbon neutral bus that has been offset through a donation of renewable energy credits from Green Mountain Energy Company. Each show STS9 plays will be 100% carbon neutral and offset using renewable energy credits. Renewable energy comes from sources like wind, solar and bio-energy which are naturally replenishing and virtually inexhaustible.

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