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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Greedy Obfuscating Perverts!!!

I stole the post title from here. hysterical reading, at the expense of those who we don't mind laughing at cuz, really, they ought to know better.

Where It's At

here's what I actually came to post about: the latest and greatest in lean green home eco- machines: I present to you, the Ecopod! (TOOT!) This bad mamba cuts, no SLASHES the amount of space needed to store your recyclables until collection day. You pop your aluminum cans and plastic bottles inside the top of the Ecopod, step on the pedal and listen as your recycables are crrrrrrruuushed! into teeny recyclable wads!

It is true: you "need" an Ecopod about as much as you "need" your shredder. Sure you can live your life without it, but wouldn't it be way more fun to crrrrrrrrruuush! your bottles and cans ("oh just clap yer hands, oh just clap yer hands...")

The Ecopod people have teamed up with several big companies (BMW, Williams-Sonoma) in joint ventures and also with musician-activist Jack Johnson and the Kokua Foundation, providing outreach to school-age kids in Hawaii. Read more about their partnership here. And then go buy an Ecopod. Or at least go shred something and then recycle it.


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