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Friday, August 10, 2007

Public Service Announcement for VA/DC

The Queen of All Media, Perez Hilton himself, will be at Clarendon Ballroom next weekend along with a couple of douchebags from some band that sucks. The busiest blogger in the hemisphere will be there as part of a local radio promo. Get your pic taken with him and you'll probably wind up on the site. (and for the love of God, wear some freaking underpants if you plan on having your picture taken.)

I'd go if I still lived in Virginia because if I still lived in Virginia I wouldn't have anything better to do anyway. Plus it's free, so if the party sucks, you can still head over to mister days or that shady vietnamese buffet across the street for $5.50.

This has been a public service announcement, care of me.

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