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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

some actual panda news

Summer is baby panda season - they're sprouting like weeds!

Bai Yun the panda has given birth! The sixteen year old panda at the San Diego zoo has given birth once more to healthy bouncy baby butterstick. A collective sigh went up all over downtown San Diego, followed immediately by a "What the #&%!???" as the San Diego Zoo panda cam immediately crashed. I think it's back up again. Click the link above to watch video of the birth (uhh, I didn't) or see the pandas in their zoo homes.

If you're going to be in Georgia this fall, join Zoo Atlanta in celebrating the one year birthday of their panda cub, Mei Lan. Birthday festivities will include a party and a sunset safari through the park.

When pandas attack - a zoo keeper in China required 100 stitches when he was attacked by a panda. I suspect he was trying to hug it.

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