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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

coming soon...Sloth-odyssey(tm)!

Guess what's black and white and debuted at the zoo yesterday! A baby sloth! AWWWW!

Pic of a sloth bear cub. Did you know that sloth bears are the only bears that carry their young on their backs.

The little guy remains unnamed even though he was born January 9!!!!! I shall call him ... Tai Sloth.

In other a-min-al news:

A meal fit for a king (a King Charles spaniel, that is): A survey of dog owners in Great Britain found that 18 percent feed their dogs a better diet than their own. More than 25 percent said they would eat the food they buy for their dogs.

I HATE THESE DOGS and not just because they live better lives than I do! (though, I do recall being over at a friends house for dinner one night: the dog was prepared a homemade meal from scratch of boiled chicken, brown rice and vegetables. The humans ate crappy delivery pizza. And I know this to be the rule, not the exception, at that crazy house.

All the KCCSs I have know were adorable, but dumb as dirt and prone to in-bred premature heart/respiratory problems. If you want a dog, get a mutt!


At 11:17 AM, CP2 said...

Hm. I'm seem to recall someone else who made chicken and rice for her dog. Who *was* that?


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